This is my current ride used to get where the panoramic landscape scenery is.
It's a 2010 Toyota FJ Crusier with the following modifications:

Toytec FJ Cruiser Ultimate 3" Lift / BudBilt FJ Cruiser Complete Skid Plates
Rocky Road Outfitters Superslider Rock Rails / B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO Tires

My interest in photography started over 50 years ago when I received my first camera,
an Ansco film camera, vintage 1958. It wasn't long before I discovered that of all the subjects
I took pictures of, landscape scenery was my favorite. The results produced by this equipment
was, to say the least, pretty dismal and nothing to write home about. I was determined to learn
the nuances of this new found passion and produce progressively better photographs.

During the film years, I shot thousands of rolls of film in 35mm and 6x7mm formats. I
developed and printed almost all of my own photographs. During these years, I kept
thinking that my equipment and techniques would eventually produce landscape
photographs I was proud of. Dispite all my efforts and equipment purchases, the landscape
photographs never came close to the vast panoramic features of views I enjoyed while
looking at them through my own eyes.

After taking a hiatus from photography, the digital age appeared to be at a point
that maybe....just maybe, my lifelong dreams of capturing majestic landscape
panoramas could be realized. This web site is the culmination of my experiences and
the digital age in my quest to capture majestic landscape panoramas. I can't wait
for 3D photography to come of age. I need to get started.