This photograph was taken on 7-30-2011 at about 4:45 PM. The view orientation is Southwest and looking uphill from the Bill Moore Lake 4 x 4 trail. More information below.

This trail starts out from Empire Colorado, which originally was founded to service the gold mines that were part of the Colorado gold rush days of the late 1800's. On the way up a very steep hill you will pass the remains of the Conqueror mine, which are still in existence despite the elements and passage of time. The trail is very scenic and usually has snow up towards the top until late July every year. The weather near the top is always blustery and cold. This picture shows from what direction, Northwest, that most of the weather comes from and how very few pine trees have survived here for any length of time. The age of this tree is unknown, but my guess is that it's at least 100 to 150 years old.

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