This picture was taken on 10-24-2013 at about 12:11 pm. The HandCart Gulch creek travels down the canyon, in and out of heavily forested areas. This photograph is in one of the heavily forested areas. More information below.

This 4 x 4 trail is reached by going West on US 285 from Denver until you reach Grant, CO. Approximately 3 miles further past Grant, you come to Park county road 60. Turn right onto this road and follow it until it divides into two separate branches, forest service roads 121 and 565 in the Pike National Forest. Take forest service road 121, this is the Hand Cart Gulch road. Hand Cart Gulch is flanked by Red Cone mountain to the North and Handcart peak to the Southwest. The end of Hand Cart Gulch is almost a box canyon where Webster pass begins. You can see the pass as it disappears in the notch formed by Red Cone and Handcart mountains. It is a very narrow 4 x 4 trail with several very steep cliffs, not well suited for full width 4 x 4's.

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