This view is a smaller section of the large panorama (24" x 196"). It was taken on 7-6-2012 at about 2:45 PM. The view orientation is looking Southeast from the top of Whale Mountain, near the Chicago mine at an elevation of about 12,162 feet. More information below.

To reach Whale Mountain, take the 4 x 4 trail marked as Forest Service Road 875 just south of Alder, CO located in Saguache County. The trail starts out on fairly flat land in the North end of the San Luis Valley and then changes to a very narrow, heavily wooded terrain until you reach timberline. View the 24” x 200” panorama and you will be able to clearly see many of the ranches and small towns that make up this amazing valley. The 12” x 96” panorama shows these landmarks also but not as clearly because of the distance from Whale Mountain to the valley. A late afternoon thunderstorm was positioned over part of the valley and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains to the East which contributed to the mystic of this panorama.

This panorama is available in three photographic paper finishes,Fuji Gloss, Fuji Lustre, and Fuji Pearl. The style of print available for this photograph is panoramic.